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Spiritual Astrology Certification

Spiritual Astrology Certification

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Transform Your Life with the SAU Spiritual Astrology Certification

Are you ready to embrace your next level and master both the art and science of spiritual astrology? Join SiStar MyRah and Professor Melanie in a transformative journey that goes beyond the ordinary. The SAU Spiritual Astrology Certification is meticulously designed to correct the seven critical errors commonly made in spiritual astrology, enabling you to:

✔️ Gain profound personal insights and avoid missing critical understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

✔️ Find direction and align with your life’s soul mission, escaping the feeling of being lost.

✔️ Make decisions that resonate with your highest good, minimizing frustrations and setbacks.

✔️ Improve relationships by understanding astrological dynamics and their influence on interactions.

✔️ Embrace opportunities for deep-seated healing, enhancing your spiritual progress.

✔️ Support others effectively with a solid foundation in spiritual astrology, becoming a guide who truly makes a difference.

✔️ Connect your spiritual practice with the cosmic rhythms, making it a powerful, integrated aspect of your daily life.

Course Instructor: SiStar MyRah Moss

Course Length: 2 months

Course Start Date: May 27, 2024

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